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The network

By distinguishing successful measures of energy efficiency the BUND aims at motivating other clinics and private homeowners as well to transfer these ideas to their own conditions. The BUND presents the clinic’s activities on reference-datasheets and puts data of contact persons on the internet. In this connection the BUND sees his role as an agent between hospital’s staff, organisations and power authorities.

At the same time the BUND online-newsletter offers a platform for publication of various activities for more climate protection and reduction of energy consumption in hospitals.


The BUND certification team invites the readers to present their project for climate protection in hospitals. The activities in hospitals presented there cover a wide range.  The stories range from information about high-temperature fuel-cell technology over the implementation of photovoltaic facades to applications of lower-cost measurements. Beyond this various possibilities for organising and financing modernisations are outlined. Networking naturally includes exchange of ideas with various organisations in the field of hospital technology and political organisations as well as the “Energieagenturen”*.

The BUND invites the aforementioned groups to an annual meeting. The network has already resulted in various valuable and fruitful impulses.


*”Energieagenturen” are regional, public-private partnership financed competence centres for energy efficiency. For more information see for example: www.berliner-e-agentur.de/en


For more information about the project and the certified hospitals please click here.


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