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The criteria

The criteria to be fulfilled for the BUND Certification are based on the realisation of high energy saving goals. The hospital’s energy-flow in the areas of heating and electricity will be examined over a period of 5 years.

Two out of 4 possible criteria must be fulfilled to be granted the BUND certificate.


Criteria 1

CO2 output, measured through energy consumption, must have been reduced by 25 per cent during the last 5 years by means of various, concerted measurements.


Criteria 2 and 3

Current energy consumption data are compared with energy benchmarks of other clinics. If the hospital’s consumption data are lower than the respective benchmarks the criteria is fulfilled.


Criteria 4

The applying hospital must prove to have established an energy management.

For the fulfilment of this criteria the operation management and data monitoring of technical facilities as well as implementation of energy saving strategies in the house are examined.


The criteria will be checked in cooperation with the hospital’s technical and commercial management. The BUND will commission an external expert with the technical examination, cooperating closely with the regional “Energieagentur”*. The examination will be based upon the hospitals’ annual energy consumption.


*”Energieagenturen” are regional, public-private partnership financed competence centres for energy efficiency. For more information see for example: www.berliner-e-agentur.de/en



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