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Energy consumption costs money – energy saving saves money


Hospitals are equipped with comprehensive high-end technology to provide for the population’s medical care. The total of a building’s technical services – from heating and climatic devices over internal illumination to the complex technical requirements of swimming pool facilities – results in enormous energy consumption. The country’s health-care system is thus burdened by billions each and every year.

However this field also holds an enormous saving-potential. In Germany alone up to 600 m. Euro for energy supply could be spared, thus avoiding 6 Mio tons of harmful CO2, without any restrictions to the clinic’s services – often even increasing comfort.



Hospitals and the BUND – partners for climate protection


The BUND – BUND für Umwelt und Naturschutz – is one of Germany’s biggest organisations for the protection of the environment, with a total of 390 000 members. He is party-independent and understands himself as a lobby organisation. His fields of activity comprise three areas: nature, energy and traffic. The organisation is member of the international network “Friends of the Earth”.

The BUND has lobbied successfully in the area of climate protection for many years. His aim is to reduce energy demand drastically through intelligent solutions, to get at a more efficient energy conversion, e.g. by power-heat-coupling, and to promote the use of renewable energy.

Especially the field of clinics is a good example that reduction of energy consumption of 25 per cent is possible, technically as well as economically. The BUND together with the hospitals strives for the aim of a pronounced and lasting reduction of the clinic’s energy demand.



The environments profit: CO2 output is reduced

The clinics profit: the budget is released


This is the background for the BUND certification “energy saving hospital”, created in the year 2001. An award any hospital in Germany can acquire upon the evidence of saving energy on a large scale and reducing its CO2 output. The BUND’s aim: encourage and motivate other clinics to join in by emphasizing these best-practice examples.

For this purpose all singular measures realized by the successful hospitals are portrayed in presentations and on the internet. Beyond that contact between staff members from different hospitals is furthered.

Hospitals can be good examples for energy saving measures as they are open to the public on one side and on the other side they consume comparatively much energy. These facts together make them good objects to show to the public how many technical possibilities exist to save energy.






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